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Selfie Booth


Quality meets simplicity

Introducing our cutting-edge Selfie Booth – the perfect blend of innovation and entertainment for your event! Whether you choose the self-operated option for a seamless, solo experience or opt for the deluxe package with a dedicated attendant, the possibilities are endless. Guests can effortlessly capture their moments with a simple tap on the screen, creating instant memories that are both fun and shareable. With a sleek design and user-friendly interface, our Selfie Booth brings a modern twist to any occasion. Elevate your event with this interactive experience that puts the power of capturing memories directly in the hands of your attendees, ensuring smiles and unforgettable moments every time!

We offer a wide array of photo and video experiences aimed at elevating your event

360 Video Booth

full 360 degree immersive video

Mirror Booth

a unique and interactive event attraction that resembles a full-length mirror

Studio Booth

create high quality photos with our most popular option

Selfie Station

a self service photo booth that can go any where


let our roamers come to the guests to capture some new memories

Glamour Booth

create long lasting elegant black and white glamour photos

Multi-Camera Array

stop time with our bullet time camera array

Sports Cards

create custom cards that resemble actual trading cards, great for sporting events

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