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Roaming Booth


We bring the action to you!

The roaming photo booth redefines event photography by breaking free from traditional setups. This mobile experience brings the booth to the guests, capturing spontaneous and candid moments. Attendants, full of enthusiasm, engage attendees personally, encouraging them to create lasting memories. The versatility extends beyond photos to include videos and animated GIFs, adding a dynamic touch. With adaptability to various event spaces, instant digital sharing, and a human touch, the roaming photo booth transforms every event into an immersive and shareable experience, capturing the essence of joy and celebration.

We offer a wide array of photo and video experiences aimed at elevating your event

360 Video Booth

full 360 degree immersive video

Mirror Booth

a unique and interactive event attraction that resembles a full-length mirror

Studio Booth

create high quality photos with our most popular option

Selfie Station

a self service photo booth that can go any where


let our roamers come to the guests to capture some new memories

Glamour Booth

create long lasting elegant black and white glamour photos

Multi-Camera Array

stop time with our bullet time camera array

Sports Cards

create custom cards that resemble actual trading cards, great for sporting events

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