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Multi-Camera Array (Bullet Time Camera)


Stop action photography

Bullet time photography, powered by a multi-camera array system, revolutionizes capturing moments in a breathtaking way. This cutting-edge technology involves an array of synchronized cameras positioned around a subject, freezing time and allowing for a 360-like view. The result is a stunning, matrix-like effect where time seems to stand still while the camera perspective revolves dynamically. Ideal for capturing action sequences or creating mesmerizing visual content, the bullet time camera with a multi-camera array system adds a futuristic dimension to photography, immersing viewers in a unique and captivating visual experience.

We offer a wide array of photo and video experiences aimed at elevating your event

360 Video Booth

full 360 degree immersive video

Mirror Booth

a unique and interactive event attraction that resembles a full-length mirror

Studio Booth

create high quality photos with our most popular option

Selfie Station

a self service photo booth that can go any where


let our roamers come to the guests to capture some new memories

Glamour Booth

create long lasting elegant black and white glamour photos

Multi-Camera Array

stop time with our bullet time camera array

Sports Cards

create custom cards that resemble actual trading cards, great for sporting events

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